toilet repair near me Is your toilet not working we can repair it for you

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Your toilet will be as good as new Our expert plumbers can repair or replace the flush mechanism in your WC. Our independent plumbers can find the problem and replace the parts you need to get your WC flushing smoothly again. 

Toilet flushes have two parts to them: a siphon (“flush valve”) which holds the water in the cistern until you push the flush lever or button, and then sucks it quickly out and into the pan. And a mechanism to allow freshwater to full up the cistern, and to stop that water flow when the cistern is full (“fill valve”).

The water might enter the cistern through the side (know in the trade by the technical term of “side entry”), or through the bottom (known, yep, as “bottom entry”). There is no functional difference between these two, but if you are replacing the filler valve, you need one of the same types.

Cisterns will also have a fail safe mechanism so that if the fill valve doesn’t shut automatically when the cistern is full, the extra water will automatically drain into the pan (or, in older loos, out of a pipe through the wall and outside your house.) so if you need a toilet repair in Reading call us today

toilet install in Tilehurst

toilet install in Tilehurst