Cctv drain inspection in Reading

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Our CCTV Cameras Are Good For Checking Out All Kinds Of Issues

Our team of professionals use specialised cameras designed specifically for inspecting drains 

  drainage problems, including pipes that are poorly laid and joints that are displaced 

  Drain Related Rodent Issues

Our highly specialized CCTV cameras take images and send them to our analysis unit. Our experts then analyse the images to know the exact state of your otherwise hidden drainage system. This process is simple and accurate and doesn’t disturb the environment or your property.

Do you suspect there are rats in your drainage system? Our Cctv drain inspection in Reading is an effective and easy way to check for rodents in your drainage system.  We recommend this because drains are one of the easiest ways through which rats can gain access into homes. This is especially true if the integrity of your pipework is weak; these rodents recognise that weakness and use it to infiltrate your home.